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Custom Development
Customized Solution Based on Your Needs
Don't use a product that is too general. Your company deserves better than an off the shelf product. Your enterprise deserves custom development from Agito!
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Phone: +386 1 242-56-70
Fax: +386 1 242-56-76
E-mail: info@agito.si
Why choose Agito’s custom development?
  • »Microsoft Partner of the Year« Award for »Custom Development« proves Agito’s credibility and ability to successfully complete projects with our customers.
  • To be successful in Custom Software Development Agito has to understand the customer and their business first. It is crucial to find out and to understand why the customer is unique. Business analysis and system analysis are for us the starting points for successful Custom Development projects.
  • Efficient software development processes, highly skilled people and team motivation are necessary for successful project implementations.
  • Projects are risky by their nature, because they are unique, but Custom Development projects are even more risky. Agito knows how to overcome the gap between design and execution, then makes projects cheaper and shorter, establishes high team motivation, and significantly increases the odds of project success.
  • Agito minimizes the risk of custom software development - we understand the business domain, we have expertise and ability to execute, we fulfil promises and expectations, we deliver projects on time and within budget.

Adapting to your needs

By choosing Agito’s custom development you will get a solution that will be totally customized to your business and the goal of introducing new software. This will help you maintain your competitive advantages much easier and make full of use your 'know-how'. The solution itself will also be much more efficient than it would by opting for general software.

Don't use a product that is too general. Your company deserves better than an off the shelf product. Your enterprise deserves custom development from Agito!

Saving time and money

In comparison with purchasing software, Agito's custom development solution doesn't need expensive adaptation and configuration, while you also won't need to worry that you won't be able to upgrade the platform because of platform restrictions. This will save you a lot of money, time and unnecessary worries.

If you want to get the most out of your money and you value your time, then Agito's custom development is the right solution for you.


A program package with a renowned name and a long reference list, which should be the guarantee for suitability, is often too general. This is why it requires numerous configurations, expensive adjustments and long and tiring implementations. Every little upgrade and consultancy represents an extra cost. With every new platform version you will probably have to adjust, even if you don’t want or need to. You can quickly find yourself in a situation when you don't know how to move on because you have put a lot of time and money into purchasing and implementing the software. Discontent in the company grows by the day and triggers a wave of accusations because no one wants to take the blame or responsibility.

Avoid these problems and opt for a safe decision from the outset – Agito's custom development!

Complete solutions from the identification of your problem to the final solution

Identification of the problem and preparing the solution

If we want to find the best solution for your problem we have to familiarise ourselves with it first. Therefore, the initial stage sees us identify your problem very accurately. Agito is known for its adaptability, content and technological know-how, as well as excellent analysis and planning. Therefore you can see the solution and its benefits before it is developed and thus essentially minimize the risk brought about by a wrong decision.


We start development based on your confirmation of the proposed solution.

How does cooperation with Agito look like?

At Agito we are known as a very reliable partner that sticks to its agreed deadlines and assured solutions. We achieve this with the help of efficient project management that ensures the course of the project within the agreed time limits and delivery of a solution that will solve the set problems. Diverse IT technology doesn't represent any problems for Agito as we are used to solving the most difficult technological problems.

Introduction, deployment and support

At Agito we provide the entire solution from development to the application of the customised solution. Solutions are installed and we take care of its implementation. Our top-class organisation and maximum customer orientation enable the process of implementation to be quick, simple and effective.

Our customers
  • Hilti (construction professional solutions), Liechtenstein,
  • Sandoz Group (pharmaceutical company), Germany,
  • Slovenska knjiga (publishing), Slovenia,
  • Slovene Human Resources Development and Scholarship fund (funding), Slovenia,
  • Delta Generali (insurance), Serbia,
  • Nova Ljubljanska Banka, Slovenia,
  • Cablex (production of cable and harness products), Slovenia, Poland, Turkey, China,
  • Gen-I (energy trading), Slovenia,
  • … and many others
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