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Enterprise Portals
A Right Partner for Your SharePoint Implementation
If you are looking for a partner, who will turn your enterprise portal environment to a tool for higher productivity, then you've come to the right place.
Why is Agito the right partner for your SharePoint implementation?

Agito helps you through all implementation phases on all portal segments: Intranet, Extranet, Internet:

  • our consultants help you plan,
  • infrastructure deployment and configuration,
  • adjust SharePoint look and feel to match your corporate identity,
  • prepare or migrate your content,
  • develop Line of Business integrations, implement your custom workflows,
  • train your users, administration and content owners.

Extensive experience and a high level of know how

Every portal renovation or implementation is a complex project from the substantial, technological and organizational point of view. This is why, it is very important that you entrust this vital task to a qualified partner with extensive experience and a high level of technical and conceptual know how.

As a highly qualified and experienced IT company, Agito can ensure successful and efficient SharePoint implementation, you and your users will be proud of.

Microsoft Partner

Agito is a "Microsoft Partner" with "Gold Collaboration and Content" competency, which proves our competence and experience in implementing portal solutions on Microsoft Office SharePoint platform. We are also members of Microsoft's "SharePoint Deployment Planning Services" program, which allows you to employ our services for deployment, planning and/or "Proof of Concept (PoC)" implementations using your Microsoft Software Assurance (SA)" benefits.

Agito is the only Slovenian company, which is part of the Business Critical SharePoint Program. The Business-Critical SharePoint Program is a Microsoft partner program that includes top solution and service providers who focus on advanced, company-wide SharePoint solutions.

Our competencies and references prove we can implement solutions that help:

  • improve employee communication and collaboration,
  • manage your information more effectively allowing for more information reuse,
  • improve your content, document, project management, business process overview and analysis, productivity...

Content Management

Portal implementation projects are content and business processes oriented projects, that require partner with experienced consultants and a proven and effective content and business analysis process, to ensure your portal architecture will be in line with your business dynamics and ensure further growth through efficient management processes.

Modern Enterprise Portals

Modern enterprise portals are not only static information dumps and corporate communication tools, instead they evolved to social driven platforms, where information, idea and opinion exchange is thriving, paving the way for new and better business ideas. In this regard enterprise portals follow the already proved and successful internet trends:

  • Executive blogs are replacing Executive speech.
  • Corporate news systems are being replaced with in house news portals where users can submit news.
  • Quick polls are replaced by vibrant discussion forums.
  • Strict content management is being replaced by a more relaxed wiki like system.
  • Content tagging and rating support.
  • Folksonomy is replacing taxonomy.
  • Multimedia support with podcast.
  • Smart-device support.
  • Personalization.

These trends forced portal sites to evolve from monolithic ("one size fits all portals") to more modular content oriented portals joined by a common and user oriented entry point. This separation gives modern portal sites more flexibility when adapting to changes in your business needs.

Adaptive portal systems

Besides adapting to content, portal sites also need to adapt to users. Tagging, rating and dynamic content classification allows users to adopt portal systems to their specific needs, reducing the time to find the information they need.

Efficient rights management

To accommodate all this content and users, complex and very dynamic permission matrixes are required. Maintaining these matrixes up to date and in compliance with your permission policies requires a lot of effort. It's very common that from time to time this system falls out of sync and you lose control over who can access what. If you don't regain control soon, your rights tracking system will fail, leading to a less secure platform, some users may not trust anymore and will stop using it.

That's why during implementation phase we help you define best practice policies for rights management and can also offer you a wholesome rights management solution "Agito Security Center for SharePoint" that enables control over all security changes in your SharePoint environment by introducing approvals for all changes that can impact access rights and ensures that these changes are made in accordance to defined rights management policies.

Get Microsoft SilverlightAgito - Business Critical SharePoint partner
Agito Security Center for SharePoint

With "Agito Security Center for SharePoint" you gain:

  • Up to date permissions reports with change history.
  • Advanced BI reports showing how your portal is evolving through time.
  • Continuous monitoring for policy violations.
  • Self-service processes in line with your rights management policies.

Read more about SecurityCenter for SharePoint...

Agito Security Center for SharePoint can also integrate with your existing Identity Management solution by using Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager 2010.

Read more about Identity Management...

Our approach
Define goals and benefits:
  • Identify appropriate scope and approach.

Define information architecture and deployment planning:
  • Define the correct approval process for the content being approved.
  • Define the rights management policies.
  • Identify what Line of Business (LoB) system relevant information and plan integrations.

  • Customize look and feel to fit with your corporate identity.
  • Implement content approval processes.
  • Implement rights management policy processes.
  • Implement Line of Business (LoB) integrations.
  • Customize workflows to fit your business processes.
  • Build additional SharePoint components for your specific needs.
  • Help you migrate or build new content.

  • Identify key features that will bring users to your portal.
  • Help with internal marketing, raising awareness, training.
Main functionalities
  • Centralized environment for content publishing, delivery, communication and information, document, experience sharing; as well as a social platform connecting your employees.
  • Enterprise search.
  • Alerts and information delivery.
  • Content adaptive approval process.
  • User targeting.
  • Unified look and the user experience.
  • In place content editing.
  • Better productivity and user satisfaction (employees, customers, partners).

With "Agito Security for SharePoint" you gain control over rights management ensuring permissions are in line with your policies and integration with your Identity Management solution.

For better project and portfolio management we offer a complete project management solution on the Microsoft Project Server 2010 that extends Microsoft Office SharePoint 2010 with additional Project and Portfolio Management functionalities.

We can also integrate your portal processes and workflows with your Human Resources Management solution (read about our eHRM.Net solution) bringing automatic access rights changes in sync with your changes in HR organizational hierarchy, as well as deliver useful and important user, position and job tailored information.

Which companies have we helped to establish an effective portal environment
Which companies have we helped or consulted to establish an effective portal environment:
  • Sandoz,
  • Akrapovič,
  • Ameria Group,
  • Abanka Vipa,
  • Pivovarna Laško,
  • Si.mobil,
  • TSmedia,
  • Krka,
  • IBE,
  • Iskratel,
  • Ministry of Finance,
  • TSmedia...
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