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Enterprise Project Management
Gain Your Competitive Advantage
Agito is the first Slovenian company which gained Microsoft Silver Project and Portfolio Management competence!
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An one-stop-shop solution

With our help you will turn the Project and Portfolio management into your company's daily practice. Agito helps you implement:

  • Project management and
  • Project portfolio management.

With a proper Project and Portfolio management you can do more and faster. Particularly you have an overview over the critical information (e.g. monitoring actual and planned project scope, resources, expenses, assignments, activities, schedule, project status, issues and risks...).

In order to fulfil our client's expectations, we structured our approach into the following phases.

  • Analysis of the business environment and client expectations (business analysis).
  • Solution proposition: project management methodology, processes and workflows, documentation, integration, reports, IT infrastructure, integration, configuration and support.
  • Infrastructure setup and configuration: Microsoft Project Professional, Microsoft Project Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server, Agito TaskTracker.
  • Security roles and rights definition, implementing global resource pool, project templates, workflows and report design.
  • Trainings and workshops for the project office, project managers, team leaders, project teams, administrators and other stakeholders.
  • Set up real life project and migration of existing projects.
  • Daily support.
Program building blocks
  • Microsoft Project Professional is used by Project managers for project planning, execution and monitoring.
  • Microsoft Project Server is integrated project and project portfolio environment with central data storage which offers capabilities across the entire project lifecycle and implements Demand Management, Portfolio selection and Analytics, Resource Management, Schedule Management, Financial Management, Time and Task Management, Team Collaboration, Business Intelligence and Reporting, Administration, Scalability and Extensibility.
  • Microsoft Project Web Access is a project web application built on Microsoft SharePoint Server platform and enables web access to all information and processes. Project Web Access is used by all type of project portfolio stakeholders according to their rights and needs; e.g. management boards, project office, project committees, project sponsors, project team members, resource managers and project managers. It includes project and resource centres, time and status reporting, risks and issues tracking, project documentation management, and other features for effective project team member's communication. It also enables evaluation and decision-making process with Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence.
  • Agito Task Tracker a task management web application used by project team members, project sponsors, resource managers and project managers.

Comprehensive Project and Portfolio Management (Microsoft Enterprise Project Management - EPM) includes different areas which cover whole project lifecycle, from project initiative, key indicators evaluation and project selection, project planning, project execution and monitoring of deadlines, deliverables, resources, reporting... to project closure and archiving. Further on, it supports project collaboration and enables analytics and business intelligence.

Demand management and full project life cycle implementation

Demand management enables standardized view on all project initiatives and evaluation. A workflow guides you through each phase (e.g. project initiatives, project evaluation and selection, project planning, project execution and monitoring, project closure and archiving) of a project lifecycle and ensures, that proper activities are performed, required data is gathered and proper confirmations or approvals are obtained on every step. For different types of project different workflows templates, project sites and other can be used, tailoring the solution to your specific needs. Standardized processes of project life-cycle enable a complete control over the project and helps at decision making.

Portfolio selection, analytics and program management

Portfolio selection and analytics enables you to recognize, select and build a project portfolio which complies with your company's strategic orientation and gives the highest added value. We help you define and properly weight company's strategic drivers. "What if" analysis is used to compare different selection scenarios to maximize return of investment (ROI), business or development impacts, strategic compliance, budget limitations, resource availability and minimize risks.

Projects can be summarized by different criteria and relationships or based on similar features in so called programs (Program management), where you can trace the correlation between projects.

Resource management, planning and tracking of content, expenses, risks, tasks and open subjects

Resource management enables optimal resource utilization on the enterprise level, which guaranties lower costs, higher quality, faster project completion and consequently higher profits. First step for efficient resources management is an establishment of the global enterprise resource pool for an entire company, together with work hour costs and resources availability.

Schedule management includes project activities definition, task scheduling, milestones and deadlines, deliverables and their mutual correlation and dependence. For well defined project types we provide project templates with the proposed work breakdown structure. In the next phase of resource planning, people are assigned to activities, while all information on their availability is found in the enterprise resource pool.

Project (or project phases) cost and value can be estimated already in a planning phase based on anticipated evaluation of required time, resources and other costs (education, travel costs, material prices, subcontractor prices...). Financial management provides financial management capabilities throughout the project life cycle, from capturing cost and benefit estimates in a specific business case, through effectively tracking costs during project execution.

Issues and risk management enables special attention to the risks, opportunities, issues, tasks... Project managers determine, evaluate and monitor open issues and risks, evaluate impacts on project plan and plan proactive and corrective actions, to prevent risks or reduce their impact.

Time reporting and task management ensures that project status and progress is monitored and allows comparison between actual and planned costs. Project team members submit their data about the progress and actual work performed, which is then approved by the task manager, resulting in automatic calculation of the total project costs.

Collaboration and communication

Solution is built upon Microsoft SharePoint platform which enables information sharing and collaboration of project team members and other stakeholders. The project team members can subscribe to different change notifications which they receive e-mail. All information on every project is collected and displayed on the project web sites according to the user security rights. Employees are able to access their tasks, project plans, documents, risk lists and other project information at one place. Project web sites enable document versioning and restricted access to project documentation in accordance with user's rights.

Appearance and project web site content can be standardized and automated. This way you avoid manual work and ensure more effective and collaboration between all team members.

Data Warehouse, analytics and business reports

IT support is used for managing the project through its whole life cycle from project initiative, evaluation, decision making, over project execution, monitoring and reporting on project performance, until project closing and archiving. Data Warehouse and Business intelligence and reporting enables you to collect, categorize, understand, and make decision from project data. You can monitor for example project profitability, project risks, project impact on business or predict future development, resources availability and limitation... to take strategic business decisions.

Planning, assigning and tracking (micro) operative tasks

At the tasks level (micro/elementary) management EPM enables:

  • Planning and tracking tasks, questions, errors, changes.
  • Managing each task status through its life cycle: e.g. opened, waiting, assigned, in process, testing, validated, pending approval, approved, finished.
  • Managing the tasks severity, versioning, actual work and the entire task history.
  • Assigning tasks to available resources.
  • Tracking tasks statuses and completion, reports and statistics.

Extensible platform

The EPM architecture offers Project Server 2010 application programming interface (API), Project Server Interface (PSI), and connection with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and Visual Studio 2010 provide required tools and resources to integrate with third-party systems and successfully build and deploy custom solutions. We build all type of integration and custom application to set up Project Server platform to your specific needs.

Microsoft Office integration

Users can be notified via e-mail about all tasks assignments, changes, completion, requests... users can also have their project tasks integrated with Outlook calendar and tasks. All settings are adjustable by the user or his manager (resource manager).

Project web site also enables versioning and restricts access to project documentation based on user's security rights. SharePoint Document Libraries allow native integration with Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, Visio).

We provide you with a powerful environment and effective implementations, which save time, minimize costs and ensure greater effectiveness of the project.

Who have we already helped to efficient Project Management?
  • Akrapovi─Ź,
  • Datalab,
  • ELES,
  • Elektro Celje,
  • Hidria,
  • Mikrocop,
  • Kolektor Group,
  • SIBO Group,
  • SKB Slovenia, Member of Societe Group,
  • Studio Moderna,
  • UniCredit Bank Slovenia,
  • ...
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