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Human Resources Management
Added Value to Human Capital Management
Empower your business, leverage HR strategic role and gain competitive advantage with Agito eHRM (Human Resources Management System).
Human Resources Management System

eHRM is a comprehensive Human Resources Management System with advanced frameworks for comprehensive management of human resources, including added value modules:

  • People Management,
  • Work Structure Management
  • Assignments Management,
  • Career Management,
  • Competence Management,
  • Employee Performance Management,
  • Rewarding,
  • Learning Management,
  • Recruitment,
  • Absence Planning,
  • Business Process Automation,
  • Reports, Analysis and Statistics and
  • Business intelligence.

It is based on customizable Human Resources Processes, workflows, approval management and foremost on a competence system, making it an outstanding modern HR and Human Capital product.

Key features

  • Modular architecture allows step by step implementation into the company’s environment and culture.
  • Incorporates out-of-the-box “HRM process” in accordance with a “good practice”.
  • Supports multi-organization structure on a single installation (business groups, corporations, branch companies).
  • Central and unified human resource database and organizational structure (even in branch companies).
  • Supports Role Based & Hierarchy Based security models for data access (Hierarchy Based security model is especially useful for “branch company” model concept).
  • Web Based architecture allows easy installation, deployment, maintenance and user access from everywhere according to the user security rights (even in branch companies).
  • Supports Approval Management.
  • Supports multi-language and local legislation.
  • Customizable dynamic forms (job interview invitations, annual leave forms, appraisal questionnaires, scales for evaluations etc.).
  • System can be used in a simple way or in an advanced way. Easy-to-use wizards lead users through the processes and activities.
  • Email reminders for special dates (employment contract expiration, license expiration, birthdays, medical exams etc.).
  • Contains simple Document Management System.
  • Supports change auditing (history of document changes, work structure, organizations, jobs, assignments and other crucial data).
  • Supports Self Service (manager and employee).
  • Supports Report exports to Word, Excel or PDF format for further processing.
  • Possible use of eHRM functionalities, tasks and processes from other systems (intranet portals etc.).
  • Integration with other systems (Access Control, Payroll Systems, Time&Labour Systems, Identity Management, ERP Systems, CRM Systems, Document Management Systems etc.).
  • Supports Implementation of Competence system and Leading by Objectives.
Steps from the basic idea to its effective implementation
  • The solution already offers support to human resources processes which the customer uses as orientation.
  • Analysis of the customer's current situation, including a plan of changes and implementation thereof.
  • Adjustments at the customer's request.
  • Import of customer data and customer processes configuration.
  • Integration with other systems of the customer.
  • Educating the customer.
  • Introduction to the company (HR department, managers, others).
  • Maintenance (application maintenance and/or complying with legislation changes).
Easy integration with other systems

The eHRM system is very easy to connect to other systems, for example a documents system, a wage accounting system, an ERP-system, working time, registers, etc.

Despite its complexity, you can easily manage the eHRM system from one place, thus lowering the possibility of errors and saving a lot of nerves and time.

Who have we already helped to achieve simple and effective human resources management?
  • Abanka Vipa, Slovenia,
  • CGP Novo mesto (civil engineering), Slovenia,
  • Časnik Finance (business newspaper), Slovenia,
  • Delta Generali, Serbia,
  • Elektro Energija, Slovenia,
  • Elektro Ljubljana, Slovenia,
  • Hypo Leasing, Slovenia,
  • Hypo Bank, Slovenia,
  • Kontrola zračnega prometa (Slovenian Air Traffic Control), Slovenia
  • NLB Vita, Slovenia,
  • Poteza Group (finance and stock brokerage), Slovenia,
  • Pošta Slovenije, Slovenia,
  • Tobačna Ljubljana (member of Imperial Tobacco Group), Slovenia,
  • Tobačna Grosist (member of Imperial Tobacco Group), Slovenia,
  • Tobačna 3dva (member of Imperial Tobacco Group), Slovenia,
  • UniCredit Bank, Slovenia,
  • UniCredit Bank, Serbia,
  • UniCredit Leasing, Slovenia,
  • Sberbank (Volksbank), Serbia,
  • Sberbank (Volksbank), Slovenia,
  • ...
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